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About Media Arts Education

I developed the Media Arts Education blog because nothing like that existed. I intended to develop a mixture of an online journal, a communication platform, a news ticker as well as a medium for developing collaborations through disseminating projects and initiatives. I also aimed to shape a rich learning environment for my students with resources linked to media, arts and education. Last not least I developed it because I l o v e doing it! I blog in English rather than in my mother tongue German (which is a challenge) because I want to communicate and exchange all over the globe, where most of the colleagues are based. (Interestingly most of my colleagues I currently work with are not based in Germany or do not speak German). Also there was only very little people actively involved in blogs and blogging in Germany when I started to run Media Arts Education in 2005, especially not in German art education.

About me

I am a researcher and educator in the interdisciplinary field of media, arts, science, computer culture and technology in education. I work at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, in the KIT focus “Humans and Technology”.
Since 2010 I teach and undertake my postdoc research at KIT’s Institute of Vocational and General Education looking at the overlap of arts, science, technology and engineering education. From 2007-9 I held an assistant professorship for media pedagogy at the Institute of Media in Education at the University of Education Freiburg. Since 2005 I am affiliated with the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria where I held a Visiting Professorship on Mixed Reality projects in art education and where I am research consultant of the Media Design Teacher Training program. In Linz we linked the learning venues of the University of Art and Industrial Design, the Department of Art Education as well as the Ars Electronica Center.
I also collaborate with the Art Institute at the Federal University of Porto Alegre, Brazil using Second Life in higher art education.

From 2004-2006 I worked in the research project MediaArtLab@School at the University of Flensburg, North Germany where I developed a teaching and research collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences.

I did my PhD on integrated arts and computer science in education at the Institute of Art History at the University of Kiel.

I am from a visual arts background, I studied painting, visual arts as well as art education, and literature including applied media (in the former master study program Magister Artium M.A.). In the university’s MA study program we have been educated as visual artists in the studio tradition, that is, we worked in the studio all day plus the week ends and holiday times, we felt at home there. After my studies I received a two years European post-graduate scholarship entitled Pedagogy of Media Technology (1995-7). I worked with video and interactive applications, e.g. in the field of interactive concepts for learning and education. Afterwards I worked in international research projects at the Institute of Technology + Education ITB at the University of Bremen, looking at the shaping of technology in education.

Here is a sort of statement on pedagogy: I intend to think out of the box of the average education system, teaching models and learning culture established at the average public schools. My interest in education through arts and design processes is based on an interdisciplinary approach bringing together the arts, education as well as computer science. I have an interest in developing and researching a new learning culture (using new interfaces) based on constructivism, more informal learning scenarios, learning partnerships and open pedagogy shaped by the learners themselves. My concept of learning through the arts is crossing the borders of curricula of arts, design, drama, play and computer science. Contemporary arts and media technologies are integrated in the education processes and teacher training with art educators and arts education students to bridge the gap between education and the technological developments we are facing at school and university level. I see my own artistic practice as a basis for mediating the arts and initiating creative processes of thinking and acting. I am currently networking networks and associations, such as InSEA (International Society for Education Through Art) as well as ISEA (Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) and the Leonardo Education Forum (LEF).

Feel free to follow me on my travel through the academic world between arts, media, technology, education, teacher training, schools, computer science, departments, research, short contracts and writing project proposals trying to think out of the box and make something like a living. For more information on my projects, publications, teaching and lectures please browse my Web site.  My short bio can be accessed at http://daniela-reimann.de/shortbio.html

Below you find the RHIZOME NEWS regularly.

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