Electronic Textile: Sew your own wearable musical interface

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A workshop on Electronic Textile to develop wearable musical interfaces is part of the diy* — Festival fuer Kunst und Technologie/ festival for art and technology, to take place in Zuerich over 5-7 Dec. 2008 . The programm can be accessed here

“This workshop aims to be an introduction into soft fabric electronic circuits and a DIY concept of wearable technology. Both in our own projects and in workshops we choose to introduce affordable, available, off-the-shelf materials, basic techniques and DIY instructions, so that workshop participants can continue to develop their own ideas and solutions at home. We believe that sewing, soldering and experimenting with materials is not hard and should become everyday practice.

In this workshop we will take apart cheap electronic musical toys and create wearable circuits that interfaces with these. We will provide an easy to follow circuit pattern and instructions that can be printed on your festival t-shirt. But for those of you who feel creative, we will encourage you to come up with your own ideas and textile solutions. We will help you plan your soft circuits, sew fabric buttons, sensors, conductive traces and stretchy connections. The aim in this workshop is to learn different techniques and use them in order to personalize and complete your very own wearable musical interface.

Feel free to bring with you any clothing items you would like to modify as well as any old
electronic musical toys you wish to hack.

6 December 2008, 1.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Location: Textil Studio at Dynamo Zürich”

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